How To Naturally Repel Flies At Home

November 03, 2018
How To Naturally Repel Flies At Home - The fly is one of the small animals which are quite disturbing because often stood in the food or drink. Not only that, the flies also usually carry different types of disease, then certainly You hated it. Then how do I leave?

The use of chemicals often becomes a weapon to repel flies, but sometimes not potent. Now you do not need to be confused, we have a powerful way to drive away flies using natural ingredients.  All the material is very easy to come by. What's it? Let's find out together!

How To Naturally Repel Flies At Home

1. Pandan leaves

Who says pandan leaves can only be used to Cook? It turns out that the long-shaped leaves and fragrant, this could also be used to repel flies. Yes, apparently the flies dislike the scent produced by the pandan leaves.

The trick is quite simple. You just need to set up some strands of pandan leaves are then sliced until smooth. Next, place the slices of gtersebut on a plate or bowl. If it is, keep a dish or bowl that already has sliced pandan leaves in place many were afflicted with flies.

2. Beans Cloves

As we know, has a distinctive fragrance of cloves is pretty sharp. It turns out the flies dislike the scent of spice this one. Therefore, you can use it to repel flies in the House.

Then how do I cast out and then use a clove? Easy and very simple. Simply Soak beans cloves to taste in a bowl of water. Next, place the marinade clove at a place that a lot of flies.

3. Orange and Lemon

Not only has the delicacy, both pieces also can serve as a fly repellent. If you will be using both pieces of this, should include also with cloves. Yes, citrus fruits and lemon will not able to repel the flies if not added with cloves.

Things to do that is to cut each fruit into four pieces. Next plug the 12 seed clove in each piece of fruit. If it is, keep it all in the corners are often accosted by flies. Not only flies, scent is sharp enough from this combination can drive out other small insects.

4. Lavender Flower

You surely are familiar with beautiful flowers on this one. Lavender flowers are indeed well known to repel mosquitoes, but it turns out this beautiful flower is also able to repel flies. In addition to repel both these animals, lavender flowers can also improve the look of your home.

It's easy because you only need to keep a few sprigs of lavender flowers in the House, especially in the corner that was often accosted by flies. It didn't take long, the fly will go straight and your home will be free from flies.

5. Apple vinegar

If you decide to use this one, simply give the Apple vinegar and high-sized glass or a bottle. No need to place the Apple vinegar is too full, just half the bottle only. Will be more potent if added a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

The next step that needs to be done i.e., make a small hole at the top using a clear plastic fastened with rubber. The flies will be hooked with the scent of Apple vinegar and will enter into it. After the flies go in, then it will be hard to get out because the holes are made very small.

Very easy to get all the ingredients and make it. Then, how would you do to repel flies in the House?

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