7 Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

November 03, 2018
7 Most Common Causes of Hair Loss - There's nothing more horrible than watching the bathroom floor was filled with piles of hair loss after shampooing. Not to mention the loss of hair as you comb dry hair and using a hairdryer.

Normally, human hair loss as much as 50-100 strands each day. If the figures loss still under 100, this means you do not need to feel anxious.

7 Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss over 100 strands per-day?

If Yes, no need to panic. The first thing you need to do is to find the source of the problem.

Because if it's found the cause, then you can find the best solution to get around this. Here, we summarize some of the factors the causes of hair loss. Here it is the list:

1. Stress

If you experience sudden extreme hair loss, try to pause and see your surroundings. It is possible that You are stressed due to job demands, love, and other problems.

Deanne Mraz Robinson, M.D., Yale New Haven Hospital, explains that the loss will subside over the reduced stress.

2. Bind the hair too tight 

Bind the hair too tight this is an external cause that most often occur. In order for the hair root is not interested and cause hair loss, avoid tying too tight.

The hair is tied up tight on an ongoing basis would reduce the strength of the hair roots.

3. Hormonal

It could be, the hair loss caused by hormonal abnormalities PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). In this case, the hormone testosterone produced in excess amounts.

So that trigger hair loss, acne, menstruation is not fluent, and much more. We recommend that you check with your doctor immediately trusted so that it gets further handling.

4. After giving birth

Did you know, that pregnancy and the birthing process also cause hormonal changes in the female body? While pregnant, the hormone estrogen soared sharply. However the numbers are again plunged post-birth, so triggering the onset of hair loss.

However, you do not need to worry. Because this phase only lasts a while. Your hair will grow back to normal within three to four months.

5. Straighten the hair coloring and too often

Heating and coloring hair can cause hair loss. So we recommend that you limit the use of hair straightener, if nobody wants to experience thinning of the hair. The effect of heat and the strong pull of hair straightener tools affect the strength of the hair roots.

Not just any hair loss, so fragile and easily broken. Do not forget to keep the strength of the hair using a serum and vitamins.

6. Thyroid gland

Another reason is internal so the mastermind of hair loss. Reported by the International Journal of Trichology, disorders of the thyroid hormone balance due not only triggered hair loss, but also other areas such as eyebrows.

To overcome this problem, you can avidly consume foods with protein content. Like chicken breast, beans, yogurt, etc.

7. Excessive Diet

The diet is not healthy can also trigger hair loss. This is caused by the reduced intake of nutrients into the body.

If you're on a diet and sudden hair loss is more than usual, we recommend that you review Your diet pattern.

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